Nate Cowen

Web Marketing Specialist and Software Developer

Web Development - A Never Ending Loop of Learning

I first began writing HTML and CSS when I was in college. It was 2006 when typed my first line of code, most likely the all too familiar “hello world”. At the time, I was simply trying to understand the mythical beast known as code. I had always been in awe of people who could program. It seemed that they had the potential to create worlds; worlds that were only limited by their own creativity and imagination. I was envious of friends who knew how to program. Ultimately, this is what lead me to take my first coding class in HTML.

Fast forward a few months and everyone I knew was talking about something called a CMS or Content Management System. It seemed that everyone I knew had heard of this term and everyone had experience with it. My first experience with a CMS came from a class mate that needed help with a few of his clients. He approached me and asked if I would be willing to help update a few sites with new content several times a week. Being very comfortable with HTML and CSS, I was happy to help. Initially, this freelance was a combination of HTML and CMS work, but soon it started to include modifying PHP code that controlled layouts and basic functionality.

After many attempts I could usually find and modify the code that needed updating. However, every bit of programming I had to do made my brain hurt and left me feeling massively overwhelmed. I simply didn’t understand how to program. It wasn’t until years later that I truly learned how to program. The thing is… I still get this feeling all of the time. This constant nagging that I’ll never know enough or never be as good as so and so.

Despite these feelings, I’ve realized that programming is constantly changing. It’s something I have grown to accept. I know that there will always be some new technology or some new trend. It’s part of the reason I am starting this site. I see this site as a testing ground for my thoughts, ideas, and general lack of knowledge. I see this site as an opportunity to learn new (new to me) technologies and to improve my overal skillset. That is why I have chosen to use github and a static site generator (hexo).