Nate Cowen

Web Marketing Specialist and Software Developer

Creating A Bootstrap Progress Widget

If you haven’t figured out already, this site is going to be used for several purposes. First, it’s going to be the new home of my portfolio site and blog. Second, it’s a testing ground for developing and improving my technical skillset. I hope to solidify my understanding of current technologies and programming concepts through blog posts like this one.

In order to stay on track and continue improving, I want to be able to track my progress. I decided to create a progress bar widget for this purpose. This widget can be seen in the side bar with the title, “Currently Working On.”

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Web Development - A Never Ending Loop of Learning

I first began writing HTML and CSS when I was in college. It was 2006 when typed my first line of code, most likely the all too familiar “hello world”. At the time, I was simply trying to understand the mythical beast known as code. I had always been in awe of people who could program. It seemed that they had the potential to create worlds; worlds that were only limited by their own creativity and imagination. I was envious of friends who knew how to program.

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